Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catching up

As I mentioned, we were going to the Cubs game on Monday night. Well, we didn't. First of all, I'm changing my rule from no games before Memorial Day to no games before June. We had gorgeous weather all weekend and then came Monsoon Monday. OK, it wasn't that bad, but we knew the game would be freezing and we didn't want to risk a rain delay. They are the worst. So, we gave the tickets to our neighbors. They were so excited and grateful and I was happy that they weren't being wasted. Turns out there was no rain delay, but we did lose :(

So I asked Mr. Happy what I should write about tonight and he replied, "How great I am!" He was joking, but I think it's a great idea. Tonight, he got home from work first, so he made dinner. Steak, brussel sprouts and biscuits. Delicious! I never liked brussel sprouts until he prepared them and made me try them. He's a great cook, and I'm a great dishwasher, so we make a great team. He also fixed my tire for me this weekend. It had a slow leak. I feel like I should know more about cars and fixing things, but I'm just not interested and he's really good at that stuff. I appreciate his handyman qualities and definitely do not take them for granted, at least I think I don't. And one more thing, before you guys start to puke over how perfect he is (remember it's only been 2 months, so the honeymoon's not over, wink wink), he still opens my car door for me everytime we get in the car, seriously, 9 years later. Chivalry is not dead, at least in our house. I think he gets a rose this week!

Mrs. Happy :)


  1. Our plans got rained on Monday too. Pooh to all the rain going around lately!

    And yes, your husband sounds wonderful. I need to get mine to read this and get the hint to cook me dinner! LOL

  2. Mr Happy sounds awesome! Do you think he could teach Mr H-Town how to cook? ;)

  3. Please share his recipe for brussel sprouts (gag) because I used to love them then when I was a kid my mom put 6 on my plate at dinner. I told her I could only eat 4 but she insisted I needed six. REALLY?? What's up with that? And for some reason - mental, I suppose, that 5th one made me sick!!
    SO..what's his secret that made you like them too!! :-)