Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The other day, I heard somebody say "Happy Wife...Happy Life," and I remembered my blog. How could I forget? Oh, right, I forget a lot of things. I never truly forgot about my blog, I've just been on hiatus for a year and a half. In those 18 months, many things have changed. Here's a short list of the biggies...
  • We moved back to the city, where we belong
  • We adopted a dog, nay, the sweetest most wonderful Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier every brought to this planet
  • I've started a new business
  • And...we're expecting our first Happy Baby in 11 weeks

I am still a financial analyst, but do not have plans to return once Happy Baby (HB) arrives. I will be a SAHM and I truly couldn't be happier. I will also get to spend more time on my business which is very exciting and Mr. Happy is looking forward to the upcoming changes as well.

Oooh, and I'll leave you with this...we don't know if HB is a boy or girl so you'll have to stay tuned.


Mrs. Happy

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